Let’s leave the earth healthier and happier

We believe every generation should inherit a healthier earth than the one before it. To achieve that, we expect more from ourselves than the earth, and give back more than we take with sustainable business practices that minimize our impact on the planet.

Monk Office has proudly been certified as a “Green Leader,” meaning we’ve been green certified for 3+ years and are only required to complete assessments biennially moving forward. In addition to being a Green Leader we’re also “Surfrider Approved,” meaning we’re considered an ocean-friendly business. 

Surfrider ApprovedGreen Leader

What is the BC Green Business? As a BCGB member, we undergo annual evaluations to track our sustainability progress and make continuous improvements towards our green goals. Through the program, we work alongside over 200 like-minded businesses across British Columbia who are who are creating real change for our planet and community.

Here are a few of our environmental metrics, representing our progress for the 2024/25 year.

BC Green Business Metrics

How we give back

Environmentally conscious partners

We work with manufacturers who share our environmental ethos. If you’re working towards LEED® certification or just want to be more earth-friendly, we can help you leave a smaller footprint thanks to eco-friendly office supplies, furniture and more.

Ink/toner - recycle & save

When it comes to toner, be sure to Think Monk! Bring your used ink or toner cartridges to any Monk Office store to have them sustainably recycled and save 5% on replacements. Out with the old, in with the new!

Writing Instruments recycling program

Out with the old, in with the new! Stop by any of our retail locations across Vancouver Island to take advantage of our writing instruments recycling program, just locate the designated/marked box in-store or ask a team member directly.

Package recycling program

We encourage our customers to return their packaging, from cardboard shipping boxes to empty toner cartridges. Our customers return up to 45,000 cardboard shipping trays every year, which we reuse and recycle, saving the landfill and our planet.

Battery recycling program

Batteries are one of those items that people typically don’t know how to recycle, or if they do know how, they’re unsure of where they can. This can result in a lot of them ending up in our landfills. Let us help! Bring your batteries to any Monk Office location and we will ensure they are properly recycled.

In-house Eco Team

Formed in 2006, our in-house Eco Team includes members from across Monk Office’s departments. They set sustainability objectives for our organization, roll out the initiatives, and track their impact and success.

Internal and external education

We believe in life-long learning. We encourage our employees and customers to reduce their impact on the environment via education, from product information and recycling how-tos in our catalogue to company-wide eco-updates and notices.

Biennial sustainability report

Partnering with Synergy Enterprises, we release a biennial sustainability report that details how all of our environmental initiatives are performing, including paper, waste reduction, water use, electricity, natural gas, fuel consumption and beyond.