BBB4Good Verified

Empowering people to choose businesses that are doing good for the world.

With more consumers seeking to spend their dollars with purpose-driven businesses, more businesses are in turn creating cause marketing campaigns to attract this audience. With trust declining overall for all institutions, some consumers have grown skeptical about social good claims being promoted by businesses. Consumers have long relied on BBB to provide them with the information they need to identify trustworthy businesses.

BBB4Good builds upon BBB Accreditation, empowering people to choose businesses that are doing good for the world. BBB Accreditation is a commitment to being a good/trustworthy business by upholding the BBB Standards of Trust such as truth, transparency, responsiveness, integrity, and safe-guarding privacy.

The BBB4Good program allows purpose-driven businesses to be vetted against the “BBB4Good Standards” and (if approved) display a “BBB4Good Trustmark,” providing customers with confidence they are supporting businesses that are committed to a higher purpose.

By connecting purpose to their bottom lines, purpose-driven businesses are reshaping economies and reinvigorating communities. By choosing a higher purpose, these organizations can make significant social and/or environmental impacts in their communities.