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Vancouver Island’s Office Outfitter™

Since we opened our doors over 70 years ago, we’ve been outfitting offices, both personal and professional, creating amazing customer experiences. From writing instruments, stationery and art supplies to furniture and technology, we’ve got you covered in-store and online.

Green Leader

Monk Office proudly earned certification from BC Green Business for 2024/25! We are both Green Certified and a Certified BC Ocean Friendly Business.

Think Local First

Did you know that a 10% shift in shopping towards local businesses creates 14,150 jobs and $4.3 billion for BC’s economy? Small habits and lifestyle changes have huge economic impacts that benefit local businesses and our communities! This doesn’t mean spending more money than you normally would — the pledge is to choose to spend the money you would already spend at multinational companies at local businesses instead.

BBB4Good Verified

BBB4Good builds upon BBB Accreditation, empowering people to choose businesses that are doing good for the world. BBB Accreditation is a commitment to being a good/trustworthy business by upholding the BBB Standards of Trust such as truth, transparency, responsiveness, integrity, and safe-guarding privacy.

Our Services

Copy Centres

With seven Copy Centres across Vancouver Island, our services are always within reach.


Home office or corporate headquarters, we’ll help you design your dream interiors.

Business Machines

When you need to buy new, upgrade the old or repair what’s broken, we’re here to help.

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Shop with the click of a mouse from, well, anywhere.


Find everything you need at a location near you.

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