They’re faster than affixing address labels and more satisfying than writing “PAID” by hand. They’re stamps, and they’re customizable to your every whim—a bookplate for your kids’ library or a signature for quick contracts.

Please note: as of January 1st 2023, our custom stamp supplier will be charging a $5.00 fee for proof sessions. A proof session is the time the stamp maker takes to ensure the stamp is accurate to your specifications. This is the time where you can make any changes you feel are necessary. This fee is per session.  The $5.00 charge will appear on your invoice as a separate fee. To minimize costs, we suggest and will assist you with grouping your stamp orders together so that you are only paying one fee whenever possible.

Sizing & Pricing

Stamps available with black, blue or red ink.

PRO2020 – .79″X.79″

PRO1060 – 2.36″X.39″

PRO1438 – 1.5″X.55″

PRO1850 – 1.97″X.71″

PRO2260 – 2.36″X.87″

PRO2770 – 2.76″X1.06″

PRO4090 – 3.54″X1.57″

Additional Services

Add your logo – $5.00

Ink Refill
Single Application – $1.50/hole
Bottle – $16