Top 5 Items on Our Wish List

Here at Monk, our favourite gifts are ones that are both beautiful and useful. When products combine great aesthetics with practical functionality, we know that they will be well loved, and equally importantly – well used!

On our wish list this year, we have…

1. A Dream-Worthy Herman Miller Chair

For over 100 years, Herman Miller has created unique pieces centered around research and design, the environment, and your physical wellbeing. Herman Miller is a standout manufacturer with decades of experience. Seen in the top row, the Sayl chair is modeled after San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge, the frameless design of the 3D intelligent back feels like a new kind of support. The Aeron (2nd row) is an icon for a good reason and if adjustability is your thing, the Aeron will be a wish come true. Finally, the Cosm (3rd row) is the newest addition to the Herman Miller family. There’s full ergonomic support hidden beneath its minimal aesthetic which makes it great for busy or small spaces.

If you’re looking for a memorable gift for a very special someone that will be appreciated as much 10 years from now as it is on the day it’s opened, think about an ergonomic desk or home office chair. You might even find yourself contemplating getting one for yourself once you feel the difference good support makes.

Plus, our annual Aeron sale ends this Friday, so don’t miss the chance to snag an amazing chair at the best price of the year!




2. Spectacular Journals

Colours, fabrics, and sparkles, oh my! When you’re picking up a journal for a special someone, keeping a few things in mind will make it all the more appreciated.

First, what are they going to use it for? Someone who’s looking to sketch might prefer a heavy-weight plain stock while charts and equations work best on grid paper. Classic lined is always a good option too, especially for taking notes on the go.

Match it, too! Since journals tend to live tucked into purses or laptop sleeves, show some extra thoughtfulness and choose something that matches their favourite bag.




4. A Photo or Laser Printer

For that one member of the family who’s always wanting another group picture, a photo printer might be the perfect thing to let them revisit old memories. Now, there’s an even bigger selection of options with full-colour touch screens, meaning that printing right from your phone or USB is easier than ever before.

Have a student in your life? A home-printer can be a lifesaver in situations where the library printer is, yet again, on the fritz. For this, we’d suggest a laser printer. They print text beautifully, and you won’t have to worry about replacing the toner too often since it lasts much longer than inkjet.




4. Art Markers

For the novice or the seasoned pro, a fresh set of art markers or a new spiral bound sketchbook is bound to inspire creativity. Although they may be best known for their boxes of crayons, we’ve loving the smooth bold colour of the new “grown-up” Crayola fine-tip markers. For an all-in-one kind of gift, the My Stabilo® Journal Starter Kit comes with a full set of pens, pencils and highlighters (including pastels!). If you include a journal or sketchbook and you might just find yourself receiving a hand-made thank you card in the New Year!





5. Tech

Tech accessories are the ultimate white elephant gift, since really, who couldn’t use another pair of headphones? If you know what kind of device your giftee has, then go specific with a cool charging cable or a sleek aluminum stand. For a more general kind of gift that anyone would be delighted to open, we suggest anything by Kikkerland. Their cute desk, home, and tech gadgets are always a big hit for the holidays.