Third Generation Family CEO Takes the Reigns at Monk Office

Monk Office is excited to announce Caitlin McKenzie as the new CEO and President.

A familiar surname is welcomed back to the helm, as Caitlin steps into the role of CEO & President a position her father, James, and grandfather, Ron, have each held since the family-run business was opened in 1951.

After returning to the business in 2015, Caitlin has lead the Customer Experience and Back to School portfolios, advocating for our customers and bringing her unmistakable zeal back to Monk! With experience in many local businesses, Caitlin is eager to lead with vision and vigor to bring Monk into the next generation. But Caitlin says it best, so read on to our Q&A with Monk’s newest President and CEO to learn more about how she has grown along with the business, and where we go from here.

You’ve spent many years at Monk, in many roles – what was your first job with the company?

My first job was sweeping and sorting in the warehouse, when the company was only in Victoria and located in the warehouse space next to our Oak Street store.  That may have been my first warehouse sweep but it sure won’t be the last!

How would you describe your leadership style?

I love to work with people, and alongside the team.  I’m an open, honest and straightforward kind of gal.  My first thoughts to the team were “I am honoured to be here and I am honoured to support you. So, here’s to you, here’s to us… and here’s to a brand new chapter! Let’s have fun, let’s grow, let’s challenge, let’s push, let’s support, let’s succeed, let’s get scared, let’s be honest, let’s just do it together.”  My goal is to set everyone up for success.

How would you differentiate Monk from it’s big box competitors?

There are so many great local businesses on Vancouver Island and you can feel good about choosing to do your business with us.  As a local business, we employ 140 people, we have won Ecostar awards for our environmental practices and we partner with hundreds of community groups a year to support local initiatives.  All while keeping competitive price and selection top of mind.  Our people and our impact on our communities are my passion, conveniently, they’re reflected in the core values of the company and lived out by the team every day.  It’s a really great place to be and I’m honoured to serve our communities.

What are some of the first initiatives you’ll be working on as CEO?

First and foremost, I’ll be working with the awesome people of Monk to set priorities for the year ahead.  I can tell you that we have some exciting projects underway and I’m looking forward to seeing them come to life in the days ahead.

You were recently elected onto the board of Think Local First, and we know that the community is important to you.  Are there other organizations you work with?

I’m very excited to be working with the team at Think Local First, and to continue to work alongside other Island businesses.  Monk and my family have also been members of the Family Business Association for over 20 years.

Vancouver Island, thank you for your support for over 65 years, with Caitlin leading the way, we can’t wait to show you what’s next!