Your Business is our Business: Sugar Sheet paper update

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To our Valued Customers,

As we navigate the changing landscape of the Supply Chain, we strive to maintain transparency with our customers by informing you of any issues as they arise. Your business is our business, and we are dedicated to providing you with the supplies you need at the right time.

We have been notified by our supplier that our shipment of Sugar Sheet paper has been delayed due to global logistical challenges pertaining to container shortages and extended ocean freight lead times. Our shipment is scheduled to arrive (tentatively) on April 25th. The result of this means that we will be substituting Sugar Sheet orders with 30% Recycled Paper at the same price for a brief period. If you have placed an order for Sugar Sheet and have not yet received your shipment, you will automatically receive 30% recycled paper. You can continue to place orders for Sugar Sheet paper, and it will be substituted in the same way until we receive our shipment.

We appreciate your dedication to purchasing sustainable office products and your commitment to our environment. Our Supply Chain team will continue to procure the products you believe in and will keep you informed of changes to your order.


Caitlin McKenzie
President & CEO Monk Office