Create the office of your dreams

At its core, DIRTT is a streamlined system that values sustainability in every stage of production and assembly. Compared to traditional steel and stud construction, DIRTT interior walls are custom built even before delivery, meaning no extra materials for the landfill. Plus, DIRTT is Canadian—just like Monk!

At Monk, we know business, and we know that starting a new construction project, whether it be a complete office redesign or a simple boardroom re-vamp can be a lengthy process. With DIRTT, there’s no drywall dust or paint fumes to navigate, meaning its cleaner and quicker to get back to business without the hassle of being “under construction”.

Custom DIRTT interiors

A feel good solution

What works great in one industry, might not be the ideal solution in another—and no one knows this better than DIRTT. As a modular system, a new DIRTT interior will be tailor made to integrate with your business’s activities and encourage a productive working space. No one can predict the future, so it’s crucial to plan for changes. To avoid the cycle of renovating every few years, DIRTT can be reconfigured to address new space and personnel needs as your business changes, making it a solution that you can continue to feel good about for years to come.

Let's work together

Creating beautiful spaces

With intelligent design, your professional environment improves productivity, creativity and even employee retention. We’ll collaborate with you to design and build the perfect DIRTT office for your business, big or small. As a leader in Office Outfitting on Vancouver Island, Monk is committed to managing business in a way that contributes to a sustainable society. Using DIRTT interiors was a logical continuation of these values to help customers achieve green—and beautiful—building goals.

Newport Realty

Newport Realty “fell in lust” with the DIRTT system as soon as they arrived at the Monk Office showroom. DIRTT integrated modern, yet relaxing designs to create shared work spaces where teams can work in collaboration. The combination of glass and solid walls gives the location a feel that is both residential and commercial—perfect for a busy real estate office. DIRTT was able to successfully bring Newport’s vision of a workspace where Realtors would enjoy working to life, as their newly redesigned office now boasts 100 percent capacity.

HDF Wealth Management

Using the DIRTT Office system combined with wood showpieces, HDF Wealth Management transformed their office into a bright, modern space with a natural feel. The DIRTT Glass Wall System and large windows contribute to the modern aesthetic, while the wood accents allow the location to feel inviting and unique. “If you love your workspace you will feel that much more motivated and creative,” said the client, who made the decision to expand his business into the new space. “You might even work a little harder!” The combination of comfort and productivity that the DIRTT system provides, as well as its ability to be reconfigured when needed was a major draw for the client, who found it to be a perfect fit for their vision.

Urban Systems

Looking for a modern renovation for the interior of their heritage building, the Urban Systems urban planning specialists chose Monk Office and DIRTT Office Systems to bring their vision of a bright, modern office to life. Keeping elements of the building’s architecture while highlighting the large windows for natural light was important to the overall design, which was tied together with bold accent colours matching their corporate branding. The DIRTT breathe wall is a board room highlight, which along with the use of glass walls brings brightness and life into the office.